Our unique and collaborative artwork is transformed into a luxurious silk scarf to really bring out your style

Beautiful, silk scarves inspired by the intricacies of nature.

Phiejue is a mother and daughter team, passionate about creating beautiful scarves to enrich the simplest of outfits. With an obsessive eye for detail, the hand drawings are inspired by the intricacies of nature – each silk scarf is a true work of art.

Julie (mother) has an extensive creative background and produces all designs in pencil. Sophie (daughter) then adapts the drawings to add colour, vibrancy and that distinctive Phiejue style. The artwork is then printed onto high-quality silk.

Trend driven, Sophie studied in London for a master’s degree in Fashion and Design. Along with Julie, she is devoted to creating unique designs to evolve timeless accessories with the world of fashion.

The true collaborative nature of Phiejue is represented by the brand name – it’s made up of three letters from Sophie and three from Julie.

If you have any questions, contact us on info@phiejue.co.uk